Wednesday, March 21, 2012


You can go read about this activity yourself.

What I have to say is that has got me thinking more about the way we make our clay bricks.

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  1. Eric, I would like to see you do a walk through on how to make brick. The mixes, molds, curing and final product...installed of course.

    I am working on a earth oven experiment right now as a matter of fact. It seems we all have our minds on dirt these days.

    1. Working on the brick production process. I have come up with some interesting methods. And I have one in my head. A vertical continous kiln. Only 1 meter square but 6 meters high. You have a screw jack to lift up and lower 120 bricks every ~3 hours.

      Friend built cob oven. I think you do a cob shell, then leave 4 inches and build a brick dome and add dry wood ash as insulation in between. then some sort of roof over the whole thing.