Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dorodango II

Ok, so no one went to research Dorodango.

And if someone did read this, what does this have to do with building?

Well , as I started this blog it was more for "notes and pictures' for reference. However, I believe it will have relevance for my interests in building. The more I understand soil the better.

It starts a bit like this.
At this stage I started to lose interest.

this morning it felt smoother.

then i read more and put on 10 coats of clay dust.

amazingly smooth but I haven't experienced the shine like this pic from the Internet.

It would be too time consuming but it makes me wonder more about clay tiles.


  1. This is great Eric! Totally high jacked Tims project...he dropped the ball on this one(pun intended) I think Facebook swallowed him.

    I feel this has relevance to building..especially the type of material you have available.

    I must now try my own Dorodango. The earth here is a terra-cotta - redish clay. I'm doing an earthen wood fired oven soon. Im trying to figure out how to polish the surface like the ball!!

    1. I agree it has relevance to building. I think i will try some plastered walls same way.

      It is alos worthwhile as 'art'. It will be kind of a cool pastime to do with different soils in different parts of the country.

      I want to try some of our reddish clay and black cotton.