Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have interesting development.  See that crack?  this will get technical.  Hope I can explain it.  I am not too worried, but in the future would like to change the overhanging vaults.

In the picture below you can see that outside the walls I stepped out a horizontal brick and then made vaults on top, then again and agin.  This allowed me to get a 30 cm overhang over my walls.
This vault was finished 10 months ago.  We put a waterproof cement/sand plaster on recently.    Same as the widows meeting hall.

Now both buildings have small cracks  as you see in the first picture, all in the middle of the wall and ending in the vaults above the wall.  Not every one, and only two go into the brick and then not all the way through.

Most tend to crack where the brick is stepped out in the midle of each side.

the stepped out vaults add weight and further down and so change the line of thrust
-The plaster behaves differently than the bricks, and it is very thin, so the line of thrust could move out of the plaster
-the wall makes different dynamics.

Any thoughts?

Long Vault closed

The vault is closed and the "lunette" door and window turned out nice.
Dickson and Godluck are putting on a scratch coat, with some weld mesh in three long lines.

Kind of funky door from outside, the inside is more in keepting with the spirit of vaults.

What the ceiling of entry way looks like

Friday, October 5, 2012

How the groined house started

It is a long story, about deceit and lost hopes, about dreams and failure, etc , etc.

There was a chance we would have to move away from the house i had lived in since 1987. It was about 1995. So I started building this house. This part was to be the garage/workshop with bedrooms above with wooden floor.

the kitchen and bath would be behind and then eventually living room and more bedrooms in a kind of "wing"
It sat like this for years.

Then I stumbled upon vaults, then groined vaults, and history was made.