Thursday, February 28, 2013

It is like Christmas!

I came back home after dark last night  so in the morning I saw this dumped on our lawn.  Yippee.  Stones.

For most of you there is no significance but this is for Matt .  These stones come from a quarry a few hundred meters from my house.  I specifically said i want "blockish" shaped stones and I got some.  Maybe 1/2 will be used for fill for foundations.  Below are two examples of what I was after.  I have some stone on my property under the topsoil, but it is roundish.

What I am looking at is an alternative way to build walls in homes, and specifically low income houses with brick vaulted roofs.

Not certain if we are ready to make a dry stone wall.  Dry Stone walls are built without any mortar.  That is the eventual goal, but we start slow.  We will build as if dry but will put cement mortar.

I was pretty excited and got better stone than i expected.  It cost $65 for 5m square delivered.  I can cut and split the stone .

Another load comes today.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finished parquet Floor

I found the time and a slot with no one visiting to sand down the floor and put the polyurethane varnish on.  Wow.

this is what it looked like without varnish.

It isn't quite so contrasting without flash, but somehow the different trees had some variation, or i mistaked some old wood as mringamringa and maybe it was camphor.  Only certain people ask about the differences.

I didn't know anything about parquet floor.

However now it becomes obvious i need to do the dining and living room.  I either have to wait 40 years for the 10 year old mringamringa to become hard or find some more wood.