Monday, February 27, 2017

Protecting Rammed earth walls from water running down wall, and adding beauty

My buddy John Mollel found this idea on line and came to do a test earlier this month.  The idea is water runs down to the row of brick tiles sticking out and then drips off from the wall.

The other idea is it adds decorative effect.

on the back side we tried some soil from East Usambara.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rain Test on Rammed earth walls.

It rained 8 cm (3inches) last night.  the first big rain on some rammed earth garden walls.

This wall has no overhang, but a cap of rammed earth with 8% lime and lime wash.  Although the wall got wet it is still hard
 Wall with a brick over hang, painted bricks.  there was seepage but wall is hard.

Mayge this one had better coat on top of overhanging bricks.

wall sits on lime stabilizied rammed earth foundation.  plastic on top of foundation.  no or little water sucked up into wall.

small room along wall with lime stabilizied rammed earth plaster.  some seepage

Another wall.  the dark is seepage.  Wall is hard.  lime stabilizied rammed earth in upper section.
 another view  .  lime/clay wash
 lime washed wall