Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Timbrel vault first experiment

this is not a completed timbrel vault but a quick experiment. After a first try the second went better and then i started to get into it.

I used gypsum wall plaster. Have no idea if it is as good at pure gypsum, but once you complete there is no strength in the plaster anyway but opposing forces.

I would butter two ends, put it in place for like 5 seconds, then lightly lean a stick against it. then move to the next brick. building one more on each line at a time.

If you bang on it is like a drum, and i really bang hard on it.

I need to make one vault like this, then i put mortar between the next course and the third. I is supposed to be stronger than just a brick as thick as 3 thin ones. Like plywood.


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    1. I know it is spamm, but so few people comment i left it there to make my blog look better. lol