Thursday, May 5, 2016

Clay lime roof plaster

We shall see how this works.  I need to putsomething over this brick roof to keep water from seeming into the brick kiln and to collect the water for making more bricks.

This is clay soil sand and lime plaster, then second day and third day to press it with trowels to make it more impervious and harder.  Somewhat like Tadelakt.  

The question is what will happen when the roof gets very hot from the burning.

This is the inside

this is the outside

This is after day two

smoothening with a scrapper.


  1. I suspect bad things will happen to the coat after the first firing of the kiln. Thermal coefficients of your plaster vs your brick will likely crack it heavily. I'd probably have done test patches to see what works. I'd test low tech first, like painting wax on the bricks, the wax will absorb into the porous bricks and some will burn off but not all, I suspect. I'd test hydraulic cement on a patch, and then perhaps a hi temperature rated fireplace paint. But I'd have high hopes on a layer of common fiberglass insulation, then roofing tin over that.

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