Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Bamboo.  Always wanted to try using bamboo more.  Bernice planted some oranmental bamboo in a rock garden and it has gotten big.

So in the groin vault house i used bamboo from this clump for curtain rods, and since then have been reading about bamboo, its uses, curing, and harvesting.  This species only gets 3cm in diameter.  But they turn a nice tan color and are very hard.

I plan of getting the bigger variety growing also.

I harvested just before the rains, as some say that is when the least amount of sugar is in the stem.  They are not as big as the first time i harvested, 2 cm maximum diameter.

 These are pieces left over from first harvest for curtains.  So far no indication of insect damage.

I need to identify which species this is.

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