Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Widows Vault progress IV

As of yesterday there remained a 1 meter square section to finish.

It is remarkable how much pointing improves the look of a wall. Look at this wall and the next picture to see difference.

Odd how a picture sometimes makes you see something I did not notice in live time. That wide joint on the right at the level of the window arch. Too bad.

Note the hi- tech scaffolding. Dickson has scaffolding but I think because they can leave this in place they prefer this.
We had to revert back to plastering for fear of hairline separations on the vaults.

This is all that was left. So it means it takes about 4 weeks to do the roof part.

This was the previous week. I climbed up and noticed one hairline crack between two arches.
From this point on the groin pieces stop being perpendicular to the wall, and there is just arches. For each arch the springer brick needs to be cut so the first brick is wedged in.


  1. So beautiful Erik...Dickson is quite a mason! This is inspirational too!

    1. Agreed, he has just passed into a new level. I need to get him a phone with Internet so he can show his buddies. It is a bit strange that he doesnt know how famous this roof is on CT.