Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Motivation and a new challenge

My buddy Matt Sevigny posted about his new project today.

Whenever Matt posts and mentions my blog there is a surge of hits to this blog. Today he mentioned my name enough times to make me uncomfortable. And the hits arent just a surge.

The other thing is that was what the doctor in me had ordered, some affirmation after a day in the office of hearing my weaknesses. I was searching around for a feel good fix. Thank you my friend. So that was today's motivation. (The person reminding me of weaknesses would say I am not solving anything, maybe not, but life is short.)

Now to Matt's blog post. Some of the ten readers will find this experience of his interesting if not informative. He is building a pizza oven, which is not such a big deal but as I told him,
I like:
-You are using soil!
-this is a progression, arches, vaults,domes, groins! then?
-You are using what you have lying around.
-It will be used to cook food, a useful piece of art.
-You are fulfilling a dream.
-You are excited
-You are gonna show the steps even if failure!

And the challenge? I also will build a pizza oven for home, finished by when my daughter returns in June 2013. Her coming home present, and hopefully a magnet to keep the kids close to home. This is not to compete with Matt, it is a personal challenge. I also will make the oven part out of clay/soil. I also will make with what is "local" meaning on my acreage or within 1 km as much as possible.

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