Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vault House Progress IV Early September

We have made some progress. the groins are over 2m high now and each vault coming in is a bit over a meter from the inside wall. Those bricks sticking out will be cut shorter and most likely left as "stairs" for accessing the roof top.

Another cornor from on top of a flat roof that will be veranda. The board with the small arch was experiment to see if we could start arches sticking to wood. You can.

Inside with all the scaffolding making it hard to see.

This is a wild picture from the floor looking up along a groin. It appears like the groin is a straight line, but it curves. And the bricks standing up appear to curve. Wild.

I did live through the 60's albeit just barely as a teenager, so i have to do some funky wine bottles in the ceiling.

Sorry more shots.

The man Dickson putting in groin pieces. He says we can't do this contract, as he might try to build to fast.
Recall the picture looking up the groin from the floor, well here is proof the groin is a parabola.

these are from a week ago. Note the scaffolding!
A better idea what it will look like from outside.

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