Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Extending brick roof over brick walls

So you have this beautiful brick walled room. How are you going to get a roof overhang if it is a brick vaulted roof? Or overhang on a floor to shade windows.

One way is to extend the vaults out over the wall, either by extending the beam, or by cantelevering.

I brought out the bricks 1/3 for several courses and then extended the beam.
The cornors can get pretty cool looking.

Another way is to stand the bricks on edge and each course bring it out 1/3 of the brick like this.

And the side view. This one below also has now given me a 50cm wide walkway around the first floor.


  1. Spelling error on the other post.....but I wanted to say great job Erik!

    1. Thanks Matt. I like the looks of corbelling. Want to try twisting in vertical columns.