Sunday, June 18, 2017

buidling with Bamboo: Bamboo gate

I have used bamboo for curtain rods, replacement of rebar in ring beams, and garden stakes, and decorative stuff.

This was my first attempt for something more difficult (but not very difficult).  After the putting the first joints i decided to go as much with pure bamboo as possible.


Frame. cross pieces pass through and then a bamboo dowel secures it
 Before the last dowel
Making bamboo dowels/ nails

 Bamboo dowels

Splitting the bamboo for filling in the frame.
 Each rails is attached with a tight fitting dowel

 Want the fit to be tight but not too tight.  if too tight it can split the bamboo.  hose clamp to keep it from splitting more

the top hinge
 the bottom hinge.  will straighten when i cement it in.


  1. Awesome gate. I really like the bamboo joints and the use of bamboo dowels.
    How is the gate holding up? Have you had any further splitting (your hose-clamp idea is awesome). In particular I'm interested in the hinge, does it withstand frequent use.

  2. Am your fan.......awesome idea.....thumbs up =)