Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finished enough

The pizza oven is done enough.

Sometimes i would work on the roof in the dark under lights making the masonry roof.  I  struggled with the timbrel roof (another blog post).

I rounded the peel before work.

The roof is arches from each cornor done by formwork, then 5cm facing bricks on side, then 3 flat layers on top of that. Then 3-4 cm of clay-lime-sand plaster, then 6 coats of lime wash.

Nice roof, but it took 3 times!  Not the bottles in the dome just visible.  That was the insulation

5cm thick wood door.  can't put it on when it is roaring as it burns.

And someone's first pizza.  People tend to put too much stuff on homemade pizza.

In action

pulling out a small pizza


  1. Wait, why is there a fire in there while cooking? Aren't you supposed to have the fire, then pull out the fire, quick swab the stone deck, and put in the pizza to cook by heat alone?

  2. Mosts keep a fire going on the side. Pizzas cool it down, door is open. i dont swab, i bang the paddle on the floor and the ash goes up the chimney. and ash is tasteless and falls off right away if there is any.