Thursday, July 2, 2015

Vaults for a Primary school.

Through a query about bricks, I mentioned our roofs to an architectural firm in Dar.  That lead to me speaking at a workshop of theirs and then this job for Dickson.  It is a private primary school roof .

Classroom is 3 vaults.  One is clay brick and others are cement paving blocks.  Hallway outside the classroom has vaulted roofs and groined vault in the middle.  This job is leading to more jobs.


  1. Very nice work! I see you make your forms out of plywood? How do express your geometry to create the form...chain?

  2. WOW! It looks great!
    I Agree with leaving ceiling raw-brick.
    the beam spanning the classroom side without a supporting arch (photo #3 and last photograph) appears surprisingly long to me. I assumed the roof weight would be too much to be supported by such a large span beam - is that concrete beam extraordinarily reinforced?

  3. thanks for reading.

    That beam surprises me also but this is done by large architectural firm so they must of done the calculations.

  4. It's looking great,
    i am also planning to build the same, can you please help me that how you calculated size of beam and column which are going to support main vault

    1. We were just masons. There was architect and engineer who speced the beams.