Wednesday, June 11, 2014

First real concrete counter top

there is some water on the counter and why it is so shiny, which I like. I found some acrylic cement additive and replaced the water with that on the top slurry. Dickson Mixed some red color and a bit of black to make it dark red, then spread some black and troweled that in.


  1. So it isn't the dry pack method that Matt Sevigny showed? What mix did you use?

    Looks awesome

    1. Sean- no this is not the hand pressed concrete counter top method. This is cast in place wetcast smooth finish. the top is 1-cement 1-lime 2-marble dust 2-sand. And acrylic-cement hardner . the coloring i have written down at the site.

      It came out much better than i expected. I dont know what i will use for sealer, not sure what is there.