Sunday, March 2, 2014

Floor finished

It has taken awhile to sand the floor smooth.  Or to the point it is "good enough".

I put three coats of two pack Polyurethane gloss.  Here is more pictures than you need.

These first four pictures are after the first weak coat of polyurethane.

I put the same on the brick steps. With both I don't really like the gloss as opposed to matt, but i can only get floor polyurethane in gloss.

And the rest after the third coat.  I wish I could take when there is no glare.

I did a fair job of few gaps
close up to attest to the few gaps.


  1. Looks great Erik!

  2. Looks good! I installed some reclaimed hardwood flooring last winter and wanted a matt finish as well. I went with Tung oil, and while I liked the look of it quite a bit initially it didn't hold up to traffic even after just a few weeks. It also held the dirt and was difficult to keep clean. I was told that any matt finish will have these characteristics. We resanded and went with a semi gloss poly and are much happier now.

    Are those the catalan brick stairs?

    1. Thanks Sean.
      Am filing that away about Tung oil.

      Yes those stairs is where i made the first catalan vault.

  3. What kind of wood?

    1. Grevilia wood. semi hardwood indigenous from Australia. Harvested on my land.

  4. Hello have done an impressive job here.i have been following the past two years.I would like to discuss more.please email me