Sunday, December 1, 2013

Floor almost there

First mistake was cutting the trees into planks with chain saw. I thought it was pretty even but now realize they are not very uniform and I lost too much in the cut. I thought I would get 50m2 of 2cm thick flooring. I got about 31m2. Some the wood was not mature and there is alot of waste and maybe i calculated wrong, or some dissappeared. I have 3m2 left after i glue the last pieces. I have some odd pieces to match up. After cutting i have 50cm strips 2cm thick 4-4.5 wide


  1. I like it. What are your floors typically finished with? Clay tiles?

    1. HI Sean, Mostly it is just cement flooring, If you have the money clay tiles imported from Europe and Asia. there is someone making local tiles, which i used in the timbrel vaults. upscale hotels hardwoods. Our international Airport is hardwood floor from the 70s