Friday, December 28, 2012

Parallel brick vaults

Progress on the third house.

While there I noticed the family has moved into the long vault.  I wanted to see about dampness especially but talked to her about 15 minutes about the house, efflorescence, ventilation, and the like.  She said she was very happy with the house.  I was surprised that they were no longer seeing any dampness on the inside.  she asked about the white efflorescence .  I told her it would just fall off and not touch or wash it.
She says that about 8 pm the house warms up for a coupe of hours.  that is the heat stored during the day.  They keep windows open until about 9pm.  I told her to put plants up on the roof to shade it.  We talked about having planters and growing spinach and the like.  I must say that short visit paid much back of the unpaid time I have spent on this.

A short video showing how to glue a brick in the vault.


  1. I think you need to post more video!

  2. I just ran across this site and if you don't already know about it I think you will find it interesting:

    Click the Build tab at the top for a good instructional section.

    1. thanks Ches. I built my first vault this way, but with burnt bricks. I know of AVN, but this must be a new website. Although i have seen many of the pictures.

      I need to try building with mudblocks and much cheaper. See how cheap I can go. thanks