Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another groined vault

A women's group saw the groined vault house and decided to do a groined vault building for their group's centre. One story.

Dickson and Festo took the contract, I am helping them out. I visited last week but there was not much to see, just foundation and walls up 70 cm. Today I visited and found them setting form work for second wall window.

I was a bit worried the architect made windows too big but it is okay. The walls do not bear the load of the roof. the first wall done and the form work for window in place and the template for the wall in place. So you end up with a free standing arch!

The outside is 6m, and there is a door in each window and the window takes shape of the roof.

Making the bracing
One of the four walls done. the vault goes over the top of this wall and then they come together.

I gave them 1/2 my fig newtons and rode back home.


  1. I would work for fig newtons too. Great job Erik!

    1. When you visit I will supply the fig newtons.